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Subpages for Book: The Stories of Devil-Girl:

The Stories of Devil-Girl – Audio Edition

Special Note: The print edition is now available. Please visit the Books page for more information.

Wolf girl—Brillo—bullseye for blame—girl made of rags—refugee from dead towns.

Devil-girl is a storyteller both smaller than a stain and larger than life, a girl in trouble and a mythic figure roaming the globe. Born into Brooklyn housing projects and the nightmares of her immigrant parents, this child becomes a runaway living in the streets of New York and its human marketplace. She moves through the world accompanied by her sense of outrage and her sense of humor, her prophetic vision and the ghosts of her ancestors, and journeys from silence through rage into a growing knowledge of others living with poverty and violence, excluded and demonized. She works to replace the names others have called her, and frees the power of her voice to become a teller of tales of survival.

Stunning and original! Powerful ‘make it new’ language that creates — through the runaway energy and precise detail of the storytelling voice — a disturbing world in all its partcularities, only to transcend it by grappling with what’s at stake in the larger world.” – Stratis Haviaras, Founder and Former Editor of the Harvard Review

I’m still haunted by these stories….Maybe it’s that juxtaposition of loveliness of writing with the terribleness of some of the things [Achtenberg is] saying that makes for the power and the haunting.” — Lucy Honig, Drue Heinz Literature Prizewinner and 2-time O’Henry Prizewinner, about some of Anya’s prizewinning stories.

Excerpts from the Stories of Devil Girl:

Excerpt One: Prayer

Excerpt Two: The Birthday Girl’s Requests.mp3

Excerpt Three: Education, or Getting Into the Pictures.mp3

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