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"Working with Anya has forever changed my relationship to writing, pulling it from deep in my unconscious up into the light of inquiry." -- Annie Lewis

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Fiction Writer; Poet; Teacher of Creative Writing; Manuscript Consultant; Writing Coach; Founder of the Writing for Social Change: Re-Dream a Just World Workshops; Writing Workshop Leader.


The Stories of Devil-Girl

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Announcing online critique groups for developed writers in fiction and memoir, with Anya Achtenberg

Claiming and Polishing the Power of Our Stories: Intensive critique classes online in fiction and memoir.  (10 weeks) Begins February 2, 2010! Classes every other week for 10 weeks.

This is an advanced writers’ workshop open both to writers who have studied with me, or those who have not but are invited to participate after sending a 3-page sample of your work in fiction or memoir, and a paragraph describing the project you are working on, or aim to develop. The workshop focuses on your work-in-progress and the questions you pose about craft, which will be addressed specifically in relationship to your work. This intensive critique class will respond to each individual’s needs as they continue to develop and revise their work toward the completion of a memoir, novel, collection of short stories, or collection of memoiristic essays. Many of the fiction writers in the class may have an autobiographical connection to their work; this connection may be direct, or may be subtle, internal, roundabout, and not absolutely necessary or identifiable.

This course means hard work, following your own strong impulses and directions, and receiving and giving helpful, extensive feedback. Participants in the group who have studied with me previously have shown themselves to be insightful and constructive in their responses, and I aim in my feedback to you to illuminate in large and in detailed ways the deeper subject matter, language and structure of your project.

Please contact me at or 651-214-9248 for more information and for registration.
Remember, if you have not studied with me before, please email, within the body of your email and NOT as an attachment, a paragraph or one page project description, and a 3-page writing sample from your project.
***If you are looking for another kind of online workshop with regular lectures posted each week, I will continue to teach with — see for Claiming Our Stories… Parts One and Two. Part One begins January 19, and Part 2 begins late January or early February, weekly for 10 weeks. Register through


Anya Achtenberg

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