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"Working with Anya has forever changed my relationship to writing, pulling it from deep in my unconscious up into the light of inquiry." -- Annie Lewis

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Fiction Writer; Poet; Teacher of Creative Writing; Manuscript Consultant; Writing Coach; Founder of the Writing for Social Change: Re-Dream a Just World Workshops; Writing Workshop Leader.


The Stories of Devil-Girl

The Stone of Language


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Archive for 'General Writing'

Why won’t Devil-girl just go away? Why now, the re-release of The Stories of Devil-girl?

On a simple level, here is an opportunity to support good literature at a time when The Market is often powerful at blocking quality and truth. And, in this case, this is an opportunity to help support organizations that are proven to be effective and bold and devoted to working to improve the lives of some of the [...]

Good-bye to the blink of an eye year; taking hold of this one coming, to step fully into writing.

I wrote the below last week, in a snowstorm. I want to remind you to check the previous post, some good newsy stuff to notice, and to let you know that Grand Web Master Brian Tanaka has pointed to January 11 for the likely release of The Stories of Devil-girl novella-download, so expect more news soon. In the [...]

Back to the Invisible: the intersection of truth and the poetic art

Neruda suggests in his poem Arte Poetica from the first volume of Residencia en la tierra published in 1933, that the poetic art, or at least the poet, works and flounders and suffers “Between shadow and space, young girls and garrisons”, which calls to my mind, somehow precisely, the situation of 4 young Muslim men from England, [...]

Business and Pleasure, and a little celebration of writers.

You know how everything you really want to do takes longer than you planned? Consider that the story of a writer. As well the story of this blog writer. There is something in store which has to do with my novella, The Stories of Devil-girl, and soon, I will be letting you know that news. [...]

The Invisible: Burning cereal and the creative process. And 2 poems out in Poet Lore.

So captured by the possibility of having a communal talk in cyberspace about this mystery of writing, that I am writing this, freewriting this onto the site, and it is, except in cyberspace, invisible. And this is what this posting is about, the invisible. And its power. We know that at the moment we are at [...]

Bad guys: characters who are unpleasant, embarrassing, evil, heinous, or even unsexy.

September 27, 2007  Dear Writers, This may the be first in a series of posts on bad guys, on miserable, annoying, cruel and unusual, evil types. You know, all that stuff we like to believe we contain not even a speck of within ourselves. In the good old days, a writer could name their characters something [...]

The Bridge as Web; Good News and Bad

Wow, there were words in the last post I didn’t even understand. I finally looked up “apophatic” and started to spend my time needed to write this posting following the links, the threads of the web in which the word connects to other words. You know what I mean. But this news has come in, [...]

How does a word mean? How do words apply for the job of speaking about the inexpressible? Can they do it? And, looking forward to the road of Spider

July 16, 2007 First, please check out Ethelbert Miller’s site and you can also see my contribution to his E-Notes at — thanks! Now, here is a different take on what we usually hear about the “unspeakable”, about unspeakable horrors, that cannot (must not?) be expressed in words. I was looking at a [...]

Memories of Censorship; Beyond the World of Your Story; and Who the Heck is in Charge Around Here, Anyway?

So, I am back from teaching, and learning, at Skidmore, the site of the 30th annual writers’ conference of The International Women’s Writing Guild, attended by hundreds of women doing every kind of writing imaginable, and an extraordinarily large number of gifted and devoted teachers, in an atmosphere unusually democratic and creatively fertile. I will [...]

Lyrical voice / narrative voice / character’s voice: Hints from Turkish music, one actress, and the power of travel

I have been listening to Turkish music after my sojourn in Turkey, and because of its very specific kind of driving energy, I realize again that the energy of different musics is part of what we deal with as writers, that one of the crucial elements often left out when we are “taught” to write, [...]